BONES FOR LIFE® is an application of the Feldenkrais Method to the prevention and reversal of osteoporosis. It is also concerned with improving alignment, and the relationship between the two. Louise Runyon is a Certified BONES FOR LIFE teacher, and teaches these classes annually.

Ruthy Alon jumping

Ruthy Alon, who developed BONES FOR LIFE and is one of the earliest students trained by Dr. Feldenkrais, demonstrates jumping safely in a harness in this photo.

Building Bones Safely

Most people know that bone strength can be gained through impact. Unfortunately, many people injure themselves when they begin running, walking, aerobics or weight training to increase their bone density. BONES FOR LIFE is designed to increase bone strength safely.

Improving Alignment

BONES FOR LIFE is inspired by studies of African women who bear heavy loads on their heads and have only five percent of the bone fractures of Western women - despite lower bone density. These women are rarely affected by osteoporosis because their activity demands an aligned skeleton: without alignment, the heavy load would simply fall off!

Getting Nutrients to the Bones

BONES FOR LIFE classes develop functional bone strength through aligning the vertical, weightbearing skeleton - so that when impacting the ground in walking, the direct skeletal transmission enables blood (carrying oxygen, calcium and other nutrients) to penetrate the solid tissue of the bones and provide for growth of new bone cells. BONES FOR LIFE is aimed at developing a springy, dynamic walk, combining the gentleness of the Feldenkrais Method with more vigorous, dynamic movement.

Great For Men and Women of all Ages

While BONES FOR LIFE was developed specifically for prevention and reversal of osteoporosis, its focus on walking and alignment make it tremendously valuable for people of all ages. In addition to teaching classes, Louise often uses BONES FOR LIFE methods in working with individuals.

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