Feldenkrais work is practiced in two ways: in group classes called Awareness Through Movement®, and in individual sessions called Functional Integration®.  See below for details about group classes and how to register. To receive quarterly e-mails from Louise Runyon about classes and workshops, click here.

What is Awareness Through Movement?

Awareness Through Movement Class

Awareness Through Movement classes consist of verbally-guided movement sequences in a group setting. These sequences are designed to wake up different parts of one's self, bringing mobility, ease and efficiency to all forms of physical activity through heightened awareness of how the body - and the mind - can function together as an integrated whole. They provide students with valuable tools to become self-sufficient in maintaining greater ease of movement.

What Are Classes Like?

In Awareness Through Movement lessons, students begin by noticing how they contact the floor as they lie on their backs. Invariably, by the end of the lesson this has changed: they lie more comfortably, more of themselves is in contact with the floor, their breathing is fuller, and pain and dysfunction are frequently gone. In Awareness Through Movement, students are encouraged to work slowly and gently and within their own level of comfort. Most lessons are done lying on the floor in different positions; some are done sitting or standing.

Where and When are Classes?

Louise Runyon teaches weekly group classes. She generally teaches Awareness Through Movement for three quarters each year and Bones for Life for one quarter each year. She also teaches weekend workshops in Pelvic Floor Power approximately once a year.

Class Schedules

For details on class dates, times and registration information, e-mail Louise at louiserunyon@aol.com or call 404-728-8991.

Directions and Parking Information

Forever Friends Building:

The Forever Friends Building is a psychotherapy office building at 1151 Sheridan Road, Atlanta, GA 30324. It is near Cheshire Bridge and LaVista, basically behind the Tara Theatre. Sheridan Road runs between Cheshire Bridge and Briarcliff. Forever Friends is a two-story grey stucco building with purple trim.

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