While the Feldenkrais Method has traditionally been thought of as involving external movement of the body and relating specifically to neuromuscular issues, Dr. Feldenkrais was always concerned with the mind and body as a whole. He was interested in improving vision and sexual functioning, among other issues, and connected internal pelvic floor movement to external movement of the pelvis and whole body. He also related vision to movement of the neck and the rest of the spine.

Prolapse, Incontinence and Sexual Function

Louise Runyon has taught workshops on the pelvic floor since 2002. These workshops are oriented towards prevention and reversal of prolapse and incontinence, and also assist in enhancement of sexual function, healing from abuse, and greater mobility in the pelvis. Refer to Group Classes.

These lessons look at movements of the pelvic floor in relationship to movements of the whole body, putting traditional Kegel exercises into a more natural and organic context, and making more sense to the body. The workshops are helpful prenatally, postnatally, after menopause, and for sports.

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