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The Feldenkrais Method has been invaluable to performing artists all over the world - including violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Titanic actress Frances Fisher, and film and stage director Peter Brook - in helping performers avoid and recover from injury and maximize their careers.

“Feldenkrais has studied the body in movement with a precision that I have found nowhere else.”

Peter Brook, Film and Stage Director

The Needs of Performers

Louise Runyon has worked individually with many performing artists, including members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, to overcome injury, move with greater ease and enhance performance. A performer herself, she has a particular understanding of the needs of performers. In her own artistic work she combines dance and voice, and is able to work with dancers, actors and singers based on her experience.

“Working with Louise in the Feldenkrais Method has been revelatory. My back has lengthened, lying flatter than I have ever felt; my left foot, which has troubled me since a teenage injury, has quickly become much more reliable; my head, neck and eyes have gotten softer and more comfortable; my hands and arms have eased; my breathing has shifted; and my stamina in performance has improved!”

Cybill Shepherd, Actress

Working with Students

Louise has taught workshops in the Feldenkrais Method to students at Emory University in the Theater Studies, Dance and Music Departments; to opera students at Clayton State University; and at Georgia Perimeter College Fine Arts Department, Kennesaw State University Music Department, Agnes Scott College Department of Theatre and Dance, Brenau University Dance Department, Samford University Music Department in Birmingham, Goucher College in Maryland and Franklin Pond Chamber Music Camp in Atlanta.

“I remember the way Louise would use her hands on my back and the way she focused on each of my vertebrae. I learned I could move each one in ways I never thought I could. In terms of a holistic approach to dancing and movement, Feldenkrais can take the art form to a whole different level.”

Helen Hale, 16-year old dancer, as quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/29/02

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