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Feldenkrais work is practiced in two ways: in individual sessions called Functional Integration®, and in group classes called Awareness Through Movement®. To receive quarterly e-mails from Louise Runyon about classes and workshops, click here.

To Schedule an Appointment

Louise Runyon's practice is located in Decatur, Georgia. To schedule an individual appointment, call 404-728-8991. Louise offers a volume discount on a series of ten lessons.

What is Functional Integration?

Functional Integration, which is custom-tailored to each person, provides the most direct and personal feedback. In an individual session, the practitioner communicates through gentle, non-invasive touch. Lying or sitting on a low padded table, the individual is guided through small directed movements which offer new possibilities to the nervous system, leading to improvement in posture, breathing, coordination, flexibility and self-image, and to the release of pain.

Why Choose Functional Integration?

Although group Feldenkrais classes offer an invaluable process of self-discovery, it is not possible for the teacher to give extended individual attention in a class setting. Group classes offer the opportunity to discover new possibilities through one's own movements, but there may be "blind spots" which can benefit greatly from the outside eye of a practitioner in a Functional Integration session. Individual sessions may be particularly helpful for people who have specific needs and requests - such as performers or athletes - and for people with neurological conditions or for those in significant pain.


“After having suffered from severe shoulder problems and later surgery, I have found lasting relief with my Feldenkrais sessions. They have been an integral part of my healing, and I have learned techniques which I can continue to apply to my life as a professional musician. My headaches have also, amazingly, disappeared. Even my walking seems easier!”

Gloria Jones, Assistant Principal Bassist, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

“The Feldenkrais Method has offered me an amazing, unique approach to pain relief by helping me become aware of my body's holistic movement system. Having had pain for over 6 years, I have finally found not only a way out of it, but a way of preventing it. Thank you, Louise!”

Mary Phillips, Educational Software Designer

“I injured my shoulder and had already missed 6 months of work. Three doctors and months of physical therapy had gotten me nowhere. Louise showed me how my body could move in ways I never thought possible, and I was able to return to work after just 2 months.”

Lachlan McBane, Violist, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

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